Hydraulic two-way valve


The hydraulic two-way valve is a flow control valve for pipeline installation, which can be installed directly in the pipeline, or installed on the manifold through screw holes. Turning the cylindrical throttle stem inside the cylindrical valve provides adjustable flow with good linearity. It has sealing performance in the fully closed state, so it can be used as a flow shut-off valve.


The principle of the hydraulic two-way valve is that two hydraulically controlled one-way valves take the pressure of the other side's oil circuit as the pilot oil. When there is no pressure in one line, the other side is closed at the same time. In the outrigger locking oil circuit of construction machinery, it is a special valve designed to prevent the vertical outrigger hydraulic cylinder from "leg drop" or "soft leg". It is composed of two hydraulic control check valves. The main function is to improve the stability of the system. In addition to the stability, it can also maintain the pressure for a long time. However, due to the particularity of the reversing structure, users must purchase corresponding hydraulic components when realizing a certain function. In addition, construction machinery manufacturers will design corresponding functions according to the requirements of different end users. Manufacturers purchase similar and multi-specification hydraulic components. The need for hydraulic control components to meet different functional requirements is not conducive to product generalization and product management. Various situations may be encountered during the procurement process, such as insufficient factory inventory, incomplete models, and adulterated quality, etc., which will greatly affect To increase the cost, it is recommended that you choose a guaranteed manufacturer to buy.


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