Ross Hydraulic Motors


In the previous article, we shared the points that should be paid attention to when installing and using hydraulic motors. Today I would like to introduce to you a very good hydraulic product, Ross Hydraulic Motors.


Ross Hydraulic Motors is one of the best-selling hydraulic products that Hanjiu currently sells. This product has a wide range of applications, such as winches, crane drives, wheel motors for military vehicles, self-propelled cranes, excavators, conveyors and feeders. drive,Mixer and agitator drives, drum drives for roller mills, digesters, etc., etc. In addition, Ross Hydraulic Motors is small in size and precise in structure, which is very easy to install. One person can complete the installation work. The Ross Hydraulic Motors produced by Hanjiu has a displacement of 200 ml, a normal oil temperature of -35°C to 80°C, a viscosity of 42 to 74 mm/s, a maximum speed (rpm) of 330 rpm continuously/425 rpm intermittently, and a maximum torque ( Nm): 530 Nm in continuous state and 600 Nm in intermittent state; the maximum output power (kW) of the product is 15.5 kW in continuous state and 18 kW in intermittent state. Ross Hydraulic Motors is made of cast iron and steel as a whole, so it is strong enough, not prone to damage, and has a long service life.


In general, the advantages of Ross Hydraulic Motors produced by Hanjiu are obvious, which can be summarized as follows:

1. The Geroler gear set adopts advanced manufacturing equipment, with low starting pressure, stable and reliable operation and high efficiency.

2. The output shaft is adapted to needle roller bearings, allowing high axial and radial forces. Housing provides high pressure and high torque capability in a wide range of applications

3. Advanced high-speed distribution design can automatically compensate for high volumetric efficiency and long life in operation, providing stable and reliable operation

4. Low leakage rate, the most accurate timing method. The commutator speed is 6 times faster than the shaft speed. It enables distribution in a high precision to reduce life cycle cost, 5, maintains high volumetric efficiency, and can run very smoothly, low speed, gearbox is not needed.


In addition, the quality of Ross Hydraulic Motors produced by Hanjiu is good enough to 100% replace the products of internationally renowned brands such as Parker, White and Danfoss. This is not only because Hanjiu has always adhered to the production concept of quality first, but also because Hanjiu has taken action and adopted a series of measures to ensure product quality. For example, each item provided by "Hanjiu" will be tested in its test factory. At least two tests; each item provided by "Hanjiu" will be accompanied by a quality certificate; if there is any fault or defect in the contract, Hanjiu will provide products, parts and services free of charge; in addition, all products produced by Hanjiu are With a one-year shelf life, you can use and buy with confidence.


Hanjiu has been specialized in the production of hydraulic products for more than ten years. They have rich production experience, a complete range of products, fast service, quick response within 24 hours, and after-sales service is also in place.


If you want to buy related products, please do not hesitate to contact Hanjiu, Hanjiu will send you more information and catalogues, prices and all the information you need. Look forward to working with you.


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