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In the last article, we explained how to install and maintain the p40 integral valve. Today we will talk about the characteristics and application of the p40 valve.


The P40 series medium and high pressure integral structure valve is a technology developed on the basis of Europe. This series is a relatively basic series of valves, but it also has many features. In terms of appearance, the p40 series is small in size and light in structure, so it is light in weight and simple and convenient. Because the structure is relatively simple, it is easy to operate. It is also relatively simple, and the quality is very safe and reliable; the number of working groups of the p40 integral valve can be increased as needed, up to 7 spools, and has a complete configuration of primary and secondary relief valves, so its opening pressure can be based on Adjustment required by the customer; series and parallel configurations are acceptable, as well as external load-holding valves to ensure that the actuators with higher loads do not drop during operation. In addition, the modules with different functions on the valve group can realize the switching between single pump and double pump, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption.


Since the advantage of a relatively basic valve such as the p40 integral valve is its relatively low cost, its price is also lower but they are very strong and durable. Therefore, it is widely used in the pursuit of economical agriculture, industrial equipment and other fields.


Next, let’s talk about some faults encountered in the process of using the control valve, mainly to show the operational problems encountered when the operating environment is not normal.

(1) The valve does not pass the required flow.

(2) The valve cannot achieve the required control function (ie pressure, temperature, flow or liquid level control)

(3) The valve operation is unstable.

(4) The valve vibrates during use.

(5) The valve is noisy or generates noise in the downstream system.

(6) The valve is unstable in use.

(7) The valve has a tendency to jam or freeze.

(8) The valve body or internal parts are severely corroded.

(9) The valve stem has a tendency to rotate.

(10) The valve spool sometimes jumps suddenly when it leaves the valve seat, and does not tend to move away from the valve seat smoothly.

(11) The valve has a tendency to close suddenly when it is close to the valve seat.

(12) Packing leakage.

(13) Gasket leakage.


If you have any of the above problems when using the valve, it is probably because of some problems with your operation method or operating environment. Please do not discard the valve or think that the quality of the valve is not good. You can directly visit www. hjhydraulic.com,Click to contact us at  get in touch with the service personnel of Hanjiu Company, and explain the situation, they will guide you to carry out the correct repair procedure according to the problems you encounter. Finally, if you want to buy P40 monoblock valve, please Look for Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., their products are of good quality and attractive prices. Orders in large quantities will be discounted depending on the situation. Their service is also first-class!


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