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The orbital hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. should be familiar to everyone. The quality and use experience of each model are very good. Today I want to show you the BME2 series motor. You may not be familiar with this series of motors. I know it very well, but it is very distinctive, because it is the target of Parker's cycloid motor TE, TB, TC series. It is a substitute for these three series of Parker motors. It has 6B spline shaft, 2 bolt flanges, specifications 65 ml/r - 375 ml/r.


As a replacement motor for Parker TE, TB, and TC, BME2 can completely replace them, which is the expertise of Hanjiu Technology. How about its performance? Compared with the Parker motor, it has the same shape and installation size as the Parker motor, so that it can be perfectly matched with the application of the Parker motor, and can be installed directly after purchase without any structural changes to the hydraulic system. Secondly, it has the same quality as the Parker motor, but the price is more than three-fifths cheaper than the Parker motor, because the factory of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is very efficient, so the delivery time is stable and fast. In addition, their motor models and specifications are very diverse, which is a paradise for purchasing orbital hydraulic steering motor. Hanjiu's full range of high-speed and low-speed motors provide a power range of up to 613 N*m torque, a speed range of 152 rpm to 842 rpm, and a full range of sizes such as gear and cycloid operation configurations. Hanjiu hydraulic motors have excellent performance, high efficiency and long service life. Hanjiu BME2 series rotor motors also include light motors to replace Parker light motors TB series, TJ series, TC series, TS series, TE series. There are many other series of cycloid motors including medium motors to replace Parker medium motors TF series, TG series, TH series. They are both rugged and worthwhile Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) orbital motors with solid construction, continuous oil flow over splines for extended life, excellent side load capability and smooth ultra-low speed Running, high pressure shaft seals are standard on them.


If you happen to need a hydraulic motor of the same quality and lower price to replace your old Parker motor, then please don't hesitate to choose a replacement hydraulic motor from Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. because of their high quality and high reputation is very reliable.


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