orbitrol tractor ford 7610


Ford is one of the world's famous automobile companies and a brand under the Ford Motor Company of the United States. It was founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Many people know Ford because of Ford's cars. Perhaps many people do not think that Ford has also made great achievements in the production of orbitl tractor. The orbitl tractor ford 7610 is an excellent product they have produced.


The orbitrol tractor ford 7610 is improved by Ford on the basis of the original horsepower series tractors, and the improved tractors are called 10 series. The rear-mounted three- and four-cylinder units have more power and power output than before, as well as increased maximum torque. Increased cylinder displacement and maximum torque at lower revs contribute to the tractor's overloaded towing capacity. Compared with the original 600 series, the displacement of the 7610 has increased by 195 cubic centimeters, and the power output and fuel economy have been effectively improved. In order to achieve this goal, Ford has taken measures such as redesigning the intake and exhaust ducts, filtering the intake air more effectively and using controllable flow injectors. These changes greatly enhance the competitiveness of orbitl tractor ford 7610.


orbitrol tractor ford 7610 is a highly competitive product, but the following matters should still be paid attention to during use. Reasonable use can prolong the service life of the product.


(1) During the steering process, when you feel that the steering is heavy, you can also hear the "hissing" sound when the safety valve is opened. Stable diverter valve safety valve

The spring is lower than the working pressure, do not continue to rotate at this time, so as not to damage the pin or the spring.


(2) The steering wheel cannot automatically return to the neutral position. The pressure drop in the neutral position increases, when the steering wheel stops turning, the steering gear does not unload, the steering column and the valve core are not concentric, the steering column axially pushes the valve core, the steering column steering resistance is too large, and the spring piece is broken.


(3) After the engine is turned off, or when the oil pump is not working, do not turn the steering wheel too hard, and turn it slowly at the same time, so as not to damage the pin, the spring plate or the linkage.


(4) Hydraulic oil has a very important influence on the performance and life of the full hydraulic steering gear, so it is necessary to ensure that the oil is clean. Clean the hydraulic system on schedule, and the added hydraulic oil needs to be pre-filtered and then purified. The fuel tank should be sealed, and the ventilation holes should be dredged and cleaned according to the regulations; the fuel tank should be filled with oil frequently to prevent rust on the oil-free part of the tank wall.


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