P120 Monoblock Directional Control Valve


P40,P80,P120 series are economical monoblock directional control valves

with various applications and features of compact structure,stable performance,

low price and high universality.


·Control type:manual, cable,solenoid, pneumatic,electro-hydraulic,etc.

·Circuit type: parallel

·Monoblock structure,1-7 sections



P120 Specifications

Nominal flow rate 120 L/min 31.5 US GPM
Max pressure 250 bar 3626 psi
operating range 15~75 mm²/s 15~75 cst
Viscosity min 12 mm²/s 12 cst
max 400 mm²/s 400 cst
Ambient temperature range -40°~80℃ -40°~176°F
Structure monoblock:1~7 sections




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